Five popular colours to wear to a job interview


To prepare for a job interview it is vital to research the company, formulate answers to possible questions and be prepared to describe your strengths and what you could bring to the role. The aim is to make a strong positive impact and leave a lasting impression.

Five popular colours to wear to a job interview

Before you even get a chance to speak, your interviewers are sizing you up so you want to create a good impression. First impressions, based on physical properties and non-verbal cues, have been shown to influence judgements and are shown to be long-lasting. It is important, therefore, to ensure you are dressed suitably as well as prepared mentally. Some colours are more appropriate and convey confidence and competence better than others. Check out our list of 5 of the most fitting colours to wear for an interview.

1. Black

Black is a common and popular colour to wear for a job interview. It looks smart, is commanding and conveys authority. If you go for a classic black suit, you may wish to use an accent colour scarf or tie to break up the black.

Five popular colours to wear to a job interview

2. Grey

Grey is a popular colour and it conveys sophistication and balance so makes it a great choice for an interview. A smart grey suit would make a perfect interview outfit.

3. Blue

Blue is an ideal colour for an interview outfit, especially darker shades such as navy. Blue conveys calm, confidence and stability. A smart navy maxi dress would be an excellent choice and if you are looking for a navy maxi dress visit AX Paris.

4. White

White is associated with simplicity, completion, precision and cleanliness. A completely white outfit is not a good idea, as this would be overpowering and too bright but a crisp white shirt or fresh white blouse is an ideal way to convey a positive message.

5. Red

Red is a good colour to include in your interview outfit somewhere but it is such a strong colour that it should only really be used as an accent colour, such as a scarf or tie, rather than the main colour of the outfit. Red is a powerful colour and has connotations of power and energy, but it can also be associated with passion and aggression so be careful not to overdo the red in your outfit.