Stylish vintage furniture trends

Stylish vintage furniture trends


There are many designs and styles that worked well in the past but we moved on to other eras of style. Some designs could easily be reintroduced to today’s interior design and leave us wondering why we did away with them in the first place.

Stand-alone wardrobes

The built-in wardrobe continues its dominance in today’s bedroom but the capacity to store items in vintage wardrobes, coupled with their elegance and style, make these popular items easy to bring back to life.

Pull-down beds

We’ve all got that spare room that is multi-functional and the space can be used in many different ways, from office to playroom or from craft room to guest room. Vintage furniture such as the old-fashioned Murphy beds are ideal for saving space as they pull down to a fully-functioning bed within minutes.

Conversation pit

In the 70s we dug that conversation and built ourselves funky dug-outs in the lounge to sit closer to each other in order to chat. If you could do without the major reconstruction we can follow the trend by using layout to place sofas and chairs in a way to focus on each other rather than the television.


If you’re not ready to go all-out vintage, it’s easy to bring back the past with a few well-chosen accessories from places offering a good range of classically designed original and reproduction pieces.  You could look at getting some Cheap Shelving Units Ireland way and make them look rustic by sanding them down and painting them with furniture paint from companies like Rackzone

Something you might have seen adorning the walls of country pubs during the last century, keep your eye out for some interesting brass furniture and accessories. According to My Trendy Designs this is one of the vintage home décor trends you’ll find easy to recreate.

Kitchen dining

After we’ve all finally torn out the breakfast bars in the kitchen, we’re now finding more interesting ways of incorporating informal dining into the kitchen with nooks and corners being used to enhance a more sociable atmosphere.

Stylish vintage furniture trends

Colour in the kitchen

Our white appliances are being replaced by more colourful items, a trend that was popular in the 50s. Matching suites of kettle, toaster and microwaves now come in soft pastel colours or cool copper metallics.

If now is the time to make updates to your interior design, are you ready to do it with vintage styles from the past?