The Surprising Gym Secrets of Pro Rugby Players


When it comes to pro rugby players, you may be surprised at some of the tricks and techniques they use to get into tip-top shape. These secrets will give you the edge when you hit the gym or are taking part in practice sessions or drills.

Do Yoga

Yoga has become incredibly popular with rugby players – not just because of its relaxing properties, but because it also strengthens and conditions while limiting the chances of injury. Yoga helps with mobility and flexibility too, both of which are key for pro players, and it also aids in recovery, making it the ideal choice for anyone who may be on the bench and wanting to get back on the field.

Stick to Old-School Exercises

There is a reason why some rugby training drills are still going strong and have stood the test of time. They simply work. Pro players tend to stick to the more traditional strength training and to not vary their routines too much. Squats, bench presses and dead lifts are at the core of all training programmes, and even if they are given a new twist, they remain much the same as before. If you watch a team prepping for any big match, you’ll see that the exercises they are doing are not complex and all have a traditional foundation.

Perform Regular Drills

Rugby training drills are an integral part of every player’s practice, and they not only help refine skills and techniques, they also build stamina and teach players how to work together. Just because players have reached pro status, it doesn’t mean they can ignore rugby drills, and there are plenty of gym-orientated exercises that can be done as a group, in pairs or solo.

The Surprising Gym Secrets of Pro Rugby Players

Bin the Bicep Curls and Sit-ups

Bicep curls may give you a good burn, but really they are not the most effective way to bulk up your arms. Chin-ups, military presses and weighted dips are far better ways for players to get bigger biceps, and the pros know this. These exercises are far more functional, and they are also less likely to lead to injuries.

Instead of sit-ups, pro players also prefer isometric exercises to strengthen their stomachs. Planks, side planks and bridges are the preferred options, and they are far more effective.